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wedding photographic packages
Saturday, January 03, 2015

I’ve had a number of discussions with couples who have seen a photographer included in the venues wedding package and thought I would put some observations  and questions you should ask if this is what your are thinking of. Venue packages include a range of services; generally cars, cakes, disco, flowers etc., but a few are now including a photographer.  As the venues package is designed around a budget, the suppliers submit a quote based on the venues ‘allocated’ cost for that service. This is great for some couples who want an all-inclusive price but as the suppliers work to a budget, the photographic element may be a very basic package.  Ask the venue ...

Carriden Church and Glenskirlie House wedding
Friday, January 03, 2014
wedding photographic packages

The last wedding of 2013 was for Ceilidh and Andy at Carriden Church, Bo'ness and then on to Glenskirlie House. This is the first time i’ve covered a at Carriden Church, a surprising large church set in the outskirts of Bo’ness.  There is an old ruined church in the ground which I have used for a photo shoot in the past. The weather as was expected for the 28th December was cold, wet and windy, and as a 2pm ceremony we knew the light would be failing fast by the time the ceremony was finished.  Ceilidh wish for the ceremony to be held by candle light and the use of a flash would have killed the atmosphere in the church. A few months ago I invested in a Fuji X1 Pro ...

Property and home photography
Wednesday, October 02, 2013
wedding photographic packages

 I have recently commenced shooting property for a major estate agency group, who have made the decision to only employ professional photographers to shoot their properties. I have been carrying out some research into the market and what agencies generally are offering. In a difficult property market, with most people carrying out the initial search through the web, the initial impact is crucial in getting their attention and I was frankly surprised at the  general low quality of property photography on the web.A recent report by a US university found that house professional photographed get more views and generally achieve a higher sales price.Before I upset all the agents not ...