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Wednesday, October 02, 2013
By Tom Collins
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I have recently commenced shooting property for a major estate agency group, who have made the decision to only employ professional photographers to shoot their properties. I have been carrying out some research into the market and what agencies generally are offering. In a difficult property market, with most people carrying out the initial search through the web, the initial impact is crucial in getting their attention and I was frankly surprised at the  general low quality of property photography on the web.

A recent report by a US university found that house professional photographed get more views and generally achieve a higher sales price.

Before I upset all the agents not all the photographs are bad, but I would not expect them to have the professional photographic equipment, experience or time to capture a range of great images to give you home that wow factor.

My market research from contacting a number of agencies it appears the generally feedback is their surveyors/sales person  takes a series of shots with visiting the home either with an off the shelve point and shoot or a compact camera. These types of camera cannot give a true representation of a room and they generally do not have the angle of coverage to capture the whole room.

As a professional photographer using high end DSLR’s with a range of professional wide angle lens, a knowledge of lighting and an eye for details I can ensure that all the details of each room are captured to give the maximum impact.

All images are correctly exposed, walls are vertical and we provide a dressing guide before the shoot to ensure we work with you to maximise the sales impact of your home.

A few shots from yesterday are included and if you wish to discuss you home photography in preparation to selling you home just email or call on 01324 713737, prices commence at £55 for 10 high resolution digital images which you can use to market you home or present to your agent to use in their promotional material of your home.

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